Ahead have created a range of practice pads that are ideal for getting those chops up to scratch! 7" and 10" single sided pads are mountable to a 8mm cymbal stand, as is the 10" snare sound pad. The 10" double-sided pad features a soft and hard rubber surface so that practice is not limited to one type of bounce or feel.

AHP3Z | 14" 3 Zone Workout Practice Pad
14" S-Hoop Marching Pad | Optional Snare Sound

AHPZM | 10" pad with snare sound
AHPDM | 10" Double sided pad (hard/soft)
AHPS | 7" pad with 8mm thread

AHPM | 10" single sided pad with 8mm thread

AHPDB | 14" Double sided brush pad AHPKZ | 10" Corp Pad with Snare Sound



ACOP | 5" Clamp On Practice Pad

AHCBDP | Marching Bass Drum Practice Pad



From A Short Warm-Up To A Full Work-Out, Ahead’s Portable, Practical “Strap-On Pad” Is Practice Made Perfect. The new “Strap-On Pad” from Ahead has been developed to offer drummers and drum instructors a more portable alternative to conventional practice pads as well as a reduced-volume, practice instrument for drumset, concert and marching drumming. Featuring a top-quality, gum-rubber playing surface that provides a natural feel, the pad’s stick response and controlled volume lets drummers and teachers focus greater attention on technical and musical development while also supporting hearing protection. The “Strap-On Pad” is quickly and easily secured to a player’s upper leg using Velcro™ straps; eliminating the need for stands or table-top surfaces while accommodating both traditional and matched grip. In this convenient position the pad can be used for pre-show warm-ups, daily work-outs, lessons or solo and sectional rehearsals at home, in the studio and on the road.